2015 Submission Guidelines and Contest Categories

Contest Submission Guidelines

Below the guidelines you will find our Contest Categories

# Contest entrants must be registered for the conference to enter, and all entries must be postmarked by September 1, 2015.

# You may include a self-addressed, stamped, post card if you want to be notified that your entry was received.

# Only clear copies of entries will be accepted.

# Entries will not be returned.

# First Place winners of 2014 categories may not enter that same category in 2015, but may enter all other contests.

# You may enter as many contests as you wish, but only one entry per category. And do not send the same story, essay, or poem to more than one category.

# All material must be unpublished at the time of entry.

# All entries, except poetry, must be double spaced using customary manuscript format.

# A separate cover page must accompany each entry. Each cover page must include title of story, essay, or poem, title and number of category, author’s name, address, e-mail address, and telephone number.

# Judges may not enter contests they are judging, but may enter all others.

# Writers may not enter contests sponsored by their group or organization, but may enter all others.

# Contestants found in violation of any of the above will be disqualified. All decisions are final and judges’ names are confidential. Winners will be posted on Ozarks Creative Writers’ website within two weeks after the end of the conference.

CONTESTS!! (Registered Attendees Only)

Cannot enter contests sponsored by your own group.

CONTEST DEADLINE: September 1, 2015


Use standard manuscript format for all entries,

and please no erotica, graphic language, or violence.


1. Showcase Award: 3 prizes $300/$100/$50

Short story or essay. Limit 2,500 words

Sponsor-Ozark Creative Writers Board of Directors


2. Horror Short Story: 3 prizes $125/$75/$50

Limit 5,000 words. Scare me and make me

Laugh. Horror or paranormal story. Must be well-written.

Sponsor-Brett Cogburn


Three Prizes: $50/$30/$20


3. Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop Award:

Mystery short story. Limit 1,500 words.

Sponsor- NAWW


4. High Hill Press Award: First chapter and 5-page

synopsis of “the next NY Times bestseller.” Any

genre. Sponsor-High Hill Press


5. Oxbow Award: Short story with western theme or

two chapters of western novel. No word limit.

Sponsor-Dusty Richards


6. Jim Richardson Memorial Award: Short story, any

genre. Limit 3,000 words. Sponsor-Delois McGrew

in memory of her son.


7. Humorous Short Story: Funny short story any genre.

Limit 5,000 words.  Sponsors-Jim and Marsha Davis


8. Search for Excellence Award: Nonfiction memoir

or essay. Limit 2,500 words. Sponsor-Leon and

Dot Combs


9. University Press Fiction Award: Short story, any

genre. Limit 2,500 words. Sponsor-Southeast Missouri

University Press


10. Tell Me a Story: Limit 2,500 words, any genre.

Sponsor-Erman and Nettie Sands


Three Prizes: $25/$15/$10


11. Flash Fiction: Limit 99 words. Must have beginning,

middle, end. Sponsor-David Kirkland


12. This is For the Birds: Fiction or Nonfiction, story, essay, or

poem. Fiction or nonfiction. Max. 600 words. Writer may

interpret the topic in any way. Sponsor-Marcia Gaye.


13. Western Short: Western short fiction or article.

Limit 2,000 words. Possible publication in Cactus

Country Anthology. Sponsor-Cactus Country Publishing


14. Judges, Jailhouses, Lawyers, Outlaws, and Gumshoes:

Short story. Limit 2,000 words. Sponsor-Lonnie Whitaker


15. Young Adult Short Story: Between 1,500 & 5,000

words. Protagonist must be 15-18 years old.

Sponsor-Doyle Suit


16. The Horseshoe Bend Writer’s Award: Limit 800 words.

Short story told all in dialogue. Sponsor-Horseshoe Bend Writers


17. Middle Grade Fiction for Boys Ages 9-12: 1,500-2,500 words.

Sponsor-Reneé LaViness


18. Tell Me Another Story: Children’s story for beginning readers

or younger. Five page maximum. Sponsor-Clouse Literary Arts and Theater.


19. Space Journey: 2,000 word maximum. Science fiction genre in the

style of 50’s SF movies. Sponsor-Tahlequah Writers


20. About Arkansas or Missouri During the Civil War, 1861-1865:

Historical fiction, 5,000 word limit. Nothing about Lincoln or slaves.

Sponsor-Rickey Pittman


21. Essay Contest: No more than 300 words. Creative

non-fiction essay on your favorite family tradition.

Sponsor-Linda Apple


22. Travel Article: Limit 1,500 words. Write it as if you were

sending it to a reputable magazine. No photos, please.

Sponsor-Johnny D. Boggs


23. Poet Laureate Award in Honor of Arkansas

Poet Laureate Peggy Vining: Poem about nature, any

style. Limit 24 lines. Sponsor-Ozark Creative Writers Board


24. Free Verse Poetry: Free verse poem, must have

definite rhythm. Limit 2 pages. Any topic.

Sponsor-Pat Richards


25. SURPRISE CONTEST: $25 award to anyone

registered. To be announced Friday morning. Winner

announced at Sat. banquet. Must be present to win.



 Send one copy of each entry to:

Velda Brotherton

14284 Sunset Rd.

Winslow, AR  72959

DO NOT send registations to Velda

Send Registrations to:

Delois McGrew

PO Box 9076

Fayetteville, AR  72703

Go to the registration page to register online using Paypal.

Contest Deadline September 1, 2015…Thank you to everyone who is graciously sponsoring a contest for Ozark Creative Writers, Eureka Springs.






Sorry that we have not put the results for our 2014 contests. I will get those posted soon, promise!


Below are the OCW Contest Results for 2013


#1 Showcase Award

1st Place – 21/01 – Boogie with Chesty by Pamela Foster

2nd Place – 07/01 – Last Dance by Johnnie Wingo

3rd Place – 20/01 – Finding Murphy’s Barracks by Doyle Suit

1st HM – 08/01 – The Peculiar Parade for Private Pickle by Jim Barton

2nd HM – 06/01 – Mrs. Hazel’s Prize-Winning Banana Bread by Betsy Gray


#2 Northwest Arkansas Writers Workshop


First prize:  04/02, John’s Last Surprise by Jennifer DiCamillo

Second prize:  06/02, Sharecropper’s Daughter by Johnnie Wingo

Third prize:  05/02, Where’s Molly? by Sue Hardesty

Honorable mention:  02/02, Cabin Fever by Betsy Gray

Honorable mention:  09/02, V-Day by Sherrill Lewis


#3  High Hill Press

1st Place     03/03      Jaden 7 by Jim Barton

2nd Place   04/03     Hebron by G. Gray McVicker

3rd Place    05/03    Jigsaw:Summer of the Swish Swish Skirts by Jennifer            DiCamillo

1st Hon.      01/03     Messages from Uncle Myrtle by Janet Bettag

2nd Hon     11/03      Bleeding Heart by Staci Troilo

3rd Hon      13/03     The Fringe Trilogy Book 1: Trial by Error by Susan Eschbach

4th Hon      10/03     Rainbow Court by Barbara Clouse


#4Oxbow Award


1st – 12/04 – The Predators by Shirley Stewart

2nd – 03/04 –  24 Hours in the Wilderness by Kitty Dyer

3rd – 06/04 –  Bye and Bye by Jane Hale

1st HM – 09/04 – The One That Got Away    by Russell Gayer

2nd HM – 07/04 – The Spring Of the Not So Handsome Stranger by Judy Goodspeed .



#5 Ozark Writer’s League Award


1st – 09/05 – Who is Crabby Now? by Jennifer DiCamillo

2nd – 13/05 –  Goblins Will Get You by Jane Hale

3rd –  08/05 – Honey by Jim Barton

1stHM – 11/05 – What’s in a Name Johnnie Wingo

2nd HM – 14/05 – A Granddaughter and Fish by Doyle Suit

3rd HM – 07/05 – Sun and Shade by Marcia Gaye

4th HM – 15/05 – A Good Place to Die by Pamela Foster


#6 Jim Richardson Memorial Award

1st Place – 11/06 – Midnight Sacrifice by Sue Hardesty

2nd Place – 10/06 – One Sister, Cheap by Jennifer DiCamillo

3rd Place – 01-06 – Love’s Spell by Judith Sexton

Honorable Mention – 18/06 – Stolen Goods by Russell Gayer


#7  Ozark Creative Writers Award 

1st –  04/07 –  The Last Pillar of the Community by Jim Barton

2nd –  10/07 -The Jack Rabbit Hunt by G. Gray McVicker

3rd –  11/07 – Once Upon a Winter’s Day, 1953 by Sherrill Lewis

1HM – 07/07 – Mail order Bride by Rhonda Harvey

2HM – 01/07 – Rowing the Boat by by Jan Morrill

3HM – 03/07 – Joshua by Mitch Hale


#8 Humorous Short Story Award

1st – 03/08 – Accidental Kiss by Mitch Hale

2nd  – 04/08 – How I Got Sued by a Steamship Company, Hired a Cook, Gave

Mouth-to-Mouth to a Mule, Learned to Sew and Almost Restarted the Civil War by Jim Barton

3rd – 11/08 – The Novice by Judy Goodspeed

1st HM – 13/08 – Uncle Chicken, the Goat and the Four Wheeler by Judith Sexton

2nd HM – 10/08 – The Food and The Fool Matt Eschbach

3rd HM – 07/08 – Knock Me Over by Joni Cogbill



Contest #9  The Search for Excellence Award


1st – 02/09 – Destination Juke Joint by Linda Hebert

2nd – 09/09 – Crossing Over by Kitty Dyer

3rd  – 19/09 – The Honor Flights by Shirley Stewart

1HM – 04/09 – A Daughter, A Sister by Marcia Gaye

2HM – 07/09 – Fear, the Human Motivator by Christine Edwards

3HM  – 20/09 – A Night Before Christmas by Sherrill Lewis

4HM – 23/09 – I Can’t Go Home Marilyn Edge



#10 Flash Fiction Award


1st – 17/10 – Sympathy by Earl Belcher

2nd – 02/10 – Half Full by Katie Terrell

3rd –  01/10 – Vulture Angst by Jan Morrill

1st HM – 06/10 – Stoner by Jim Barton

2nd HM – 10/10 – The Next Generation by Staci Troilo

3rd HM –  08/10 – Blue by Sarah Angleton


#11 Western Short Award

1st – 04/11 – Chasing Crull by Jennifer DiCamillo

2nd – 02/11 – Burial by the Light of a Full Moon by Marcia Gaye

3rd –  03/11 – The Great Lead Creek Liar’s Championship of 1893 by Jim Barton

1st HM –  01/11 –  Dagger by Mitch Hale

2nd HM – 06/11 –  Candle in the Window by Staci Troilo



 #12  Shakespeare in the Ozarks:


1st–01/12 – A Midsummer Night Scheme by Janet Bettag

2nd–04/12 – Chad and Emma Jean by Staci Troilo

3rd–07/12 – A Summer Night’s Drama by Marcia Gaye

1st HM – 03/12 – Much Ado About Somethings by Jennifer DiCamillo

2nd HM – 02/12 – Hiring Shakespeare by Mitch Hale


#13 In Someone Else’s Shoes


1st – 05/`3 – In Sonya’s Steps by Meg Welch Dendler

2nd – 6/13 – A Walk on the Wild  Side by Staci Troilo

3rd – 04/13 – Next To Nothings by Jennifer DiCamillo

1st HM – 07/13 – Don’t Sing Me Your Sad Songs by Jane Hale

2nd HM – 02/13 – A Day in Car M999 by Rebecca Carron Wood



#14 Young Adult Short Story Award


1st – 07/14 –  Homecoming by Staci Troilo

2nd – 03/14 – Looking for Attention by Jennifer DiCamillo

3rd – 01/14 – Occurrence at Coldwater Spring by Jack Kline

1st HM – 11/14 – The Wind Warrior by Shirley Stewart



# 15 My Favorite Things Creative Nonfiction Essay Award

1st Place-09/15 – When All Else Fails, Eat Chocolate Crème Pie by Staci Troilo


2nd Place – 10/15 – Dirt Road Reverie by Jim Barton

3rd Place – 08/15 – The Beat by Joni Cogbill

1st Honorable Mention – 15/15 – Kitty Paws by Meg Welch Dendler

2nd Honorable Mention – 02/15 – A Walk in the Park by Mitch Hale


#16 Travel Article Award

1st –  04/16.- Ten Tips for Reclaiming the Road Trip as an American Tradition by Katie Terrell

2nd – 03/16.- “As If”: Maroon Bells, Colorado by Jack Kline

3rd – 05/16.- Panther Creek Campgrounds: Wild West Adventure in the Ozarks by Janet Bettag

1st HM -. 01/16:- The View from My Bus Window by Jan Morrill

2nd HM – 07/16:- Batesville Now and Then by Jennifer DiCamillo


#17  OCW Poet Laureate Award

First Place – 10/17  The Wind Whispers Anon by Melissa M. Frye

Second Place – 03/17  Mother Nature’s Day Glo Trip by Rebecca Carron Wood

Third Place –  01/17  Winter Tanka by Jan Morrill

HM 1 –  08/17  Balance Point by Bill Lord

HM 2 –  06/17  Honeysuckle Heaven by Jennifer DiCamillo


#18 Free Verse Poetry Award


1st – 09/18 – Kimba’s Day by Meg Welch Dendler

2nd – 14/18 – Mama Tried by Judy Goodspeed

3rd – 07/18 – Troops Passing  by Kitty Dyer

1 HM – 03/18 – Nudge by Jim Barton

2 HM – 13/18 – Horse shoes  by Earl Belcher

3 HM – 06/18 – Arkansas  August by Betty L. Pittman